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In play poker at Qqjili, you make money from your opponent’s mistakes and vice versa. For beginners, there are some mistakes they often make that cost them a large part, or even the entire bankroll. These are basic mistakes but will prevent you from becoming a successful player if you don’t recognize and eliminate them.

Playing too many hands

Playing too many hands

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is that they play too many hands. When sitting down at a play poker table, a new player tends to play a lot of hands, which costs them a lot of money. They play any hand they are dealt, even hands like 46, just out of curiosity to see the flop and hope for luck in the cards about to be dealt on the board. Remember, choosing a good hand to play is the key to success. In the long run, if you don’t apply this, you will just be someone who burns money at the play poker table.

Poor financial management

Poor financial management

Beginners often do not care or even have no concept of bankroll management – the decisive factor that makes a player successful in the long run. They play beyond their ability by sitting at tables with large limits compared to the amount of money they have. It’s very common to see a player with a $25 bankroll and put it all into play at a NL 0.10 – 0.25 table. That’s not play poker, that’s gambling! The best player on the planet will not be successful if he does not have proper financial management.

If using a good bankroll management plan, a player needs to have a minimum of 25 stacks at the limit they play and only increase the limit when their bankroll allows. For example, if there is a $250 bankroll, a wise player will only play at limit 0.05 – 0.10 (NL10) and only move up to play 0.10 – 0.25 when he has $625.

Don’t dream of getting rich overnight. Get familiar with bankroll management and persistently build your bankroll, success will come to you!

Don’t hold back your emotions

Beginners often have difficulty controlling their emotions. There will be nothing if everything goes well. But when they encounter bad luck, they easily become angry and cannot control their emotions, the common consequence is that they will bet crazily (tilt) until the bakroll is only a zero. Remember that Bad beats will happen, you will have losing sessions or sometimes meet very annoying opponents… All of that is part of play poker. Live with it and don’t let your emotions overwhelm your reason. If you feel like you’re starting to get worse, stop and come back when you’re calmer!

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Don’t pay attention to probability

Play poker is a game based on the randomness of cards, so probability and expected value are very important concepts for play poker players, but most beginners often do not understand or have difficulty grasping the concept. this concept. In many situations, you hold a draw and wait for the board to appear with more suitable cards. But have you ever wondered how likely it is to happen and how much profit or loss your decision will bring in the long run? You need to consider and now the concept of probability/expected value will help you decide whether to call to see the next card or not. Beginners often call too much without paying attention to outs, odds, pot odds…

Bluff at the wrong time

Bluff at the wrong time

Bluff is a technique in play poker that helps you win the pot with hands that are not really strong by betting/raising to force your opponent to fold. Beginners often bluff too much and in inappropriate situations. Bluffing only makes sense if the board helps you show that you have a strong hand when your opponent is unlikely to have anything and will be willing to fold. Don’t bluff when you have several opponents or someone who will call with any hand.

Imitate other players

A lot of people learn to play poker by trying to imitate how other people play. They may imitate other players at the table or try to play like a certain pro they see on TV… This is not a wise way.

It’s important that you master the aspects of the game yourself so you know how to make the right decisions, rather than imitating someone else’s performance. The pros you see on TV or in clips are usually playing in a tournament or at high stakes. Their situations and behavior will be very different when playing at your limit.

Overestimating cards of the same suit

Being dealt 2 cards of the same suit (suited) is an advantage. However, you should not play poker just because they are the same color. The first two points you should consider before deciding to play are the position (rank) of the two cards and whether they are pairs. These are the most important factors that determine the value of the starting hand. Then consider whether they are the same color (suited) or consecutive (connected).

A hand like A.Ko (not of the same suit) is much more valuable than a hand of 10.3s (of the same suit). AK is the top starting hand, while 10.3 (including even suits) is just worth throwing in the trash.

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This seems very obvious. But many beginners make the mistake of calling to see the flop with any two cards of the same suit they are dealt. The likelihood of a flop or flush draw in these cases is less than 12%. This is a low probability. You need to have other reasons when deciding to play a hand besides the fact that they are of the same suit.

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