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How many times has Spain won the World Cup, and when was the last year they won the throne? How many times has this team, a world champion candidate, lifted the Gold Cup? Join Jili Asia to learn about the “gaur football team” championships in the article below.

History of World Cup participation

How many times Spain has won the world cup in the tournament’s history will be answered after you know which years they reached the final. The team from Gaur to the previous world championship was not as highly appreciated as it is now, historical reality has shown that.

How many times has Spain won the world cup and the answer is only once

It was not until the 21st century, when Spanish football became more developed, that they were considered a strong team in the world championship. Looking at the past century’s history and the tournament’s present, Spain has only played in the final once, which was also the time the Spanish team won the championship.

Looking back at Spain’s journey to becoming world champion

How many times has Spain won the world cup in history? The answer is only once. They won the throne in 2010 with players in the “Golden Generation”  Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Villa, Fabregas, Busquets, Ramos,… Spain’s performance in the 2010 World Cup was devastating and continued from success. success in Euro 2008 to maintain until Euro 2012.

Spain came to South Africa in 2010, with the golden generation ascending the throne in 2008, with the Tiki Taca style of play dominating world football. The core is Barcelona’s squad, including C. Puyol, G. Pique, S. Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, D. Villa,…

Spain is in Group H with Chile, Switzerland, and Honduras in the group stage. Of course, the strength of this team was only slightly doubted when they lost to Switzerland in the opening match.

Coming to the round of 16 as the top of Group H, Spain’s tough opponent is Portugal, who is in full swing with star C.Ronaldo. However,  La Roja won tickets to play in the quarter-finals with a familiar scenario that year of winning 1 – 0. Thanks to this match, many brothers successfully deposited their bets.

Spain then had 3 wins at least 1-0: Paraguay, Germany in the knockout matches and the Netherlands in the final. This team won the throne the only time in the history of the world cup, which was in 2010 with Tiki Taca at its peak.

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Other achievements

Spain has won the World Cup several times and is one of eight tournament champions in history. In addition to Brazil, Germany, and Italy, the remaining teams include France, England, Uruguay, and Argentina.

The achievement of lifting the most prestigious Cup in the world in 2010 was an explosion. In addition, as we shared above, the Gaur football team was not really that strong in previous world cup tournaments.

In the world cup arena, Spain did not participate in the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay and 1938 in France for many reasons. The times they failed to qualify were the World Cup in 1954 (Switzerland), 1958 (Sweden), 1970 in Mexico and 1974 in Germany.

Spain’s group stage eliminations were in 1962 (Chile), 1966 (England), 1978 (Argentina), 1998 (France) and most recently in 2014 (Brazil) after they were crowned champions. 4 years earlier.

Reached the round of 16 in 1982 at Espanol when they were the hosts: same years 1990 (Italy), 2006 (Germany) and 2018 (Russia).

Spain reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup four times, in 1934, 1986, 2002, in Korea and Japan.

The year 1950 in Brazil saw Spain reach the semi-finals but not the final.

Evaluation of the Spanish team

Apart from the 2010 championship, Spain is not a candidate for the tournament championship. Even in 2022, Spain is still a championship candidate, but it will be tough for the Spanish team. The Spanish football industry will have to develop even better to win the throne for the second time in this tournament.

Although Spain is always in the group of famous teams at the World Football Championship, the answer to how many times it has won the World Cup is still only 1.

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